Studio J. Kessler is a premier full-service residential and commercial interior design studio based in Phoenix, Arizona, with projects located nationally. The interior design studio is one of the best servicing Phoenix and the greater Phoenix Scottsdale area.

The firm is led by Jacqueline Kessler, a talented interior designer, and entrepreneur who has worked for leading interior design firms in New York City before founding the studio in 2020. She has nearly 10 years of experience in the industry and has been exposed to a wide range of interior design styles and techniques across private residential, multi-family, commercial, and hospitality. This allows her to bring a unique perspective and a high level of expertise to her projects.

The firm’s origination in New York City’s fast-paced and competitive environment has greatly influenced the way the business operates and helped to shape the business into a client-focused design firm dedicated to delivering exceptional service.  Clients can expect prompt responses, timely completion of deadlines, and transparency throughout the entire design and construction process.

Studio J. Kessler excels at matching clients’ preferences and needs with their styles and personalities to deliver custom design solutions that incorporate timeless trends and techniques into their work.  Clients are left with spaces that are both functional and refined, but full of character and originality.

Importantly, Studio J. Kessler empowers its clients to make informed decisions that add long-term value to their properties.

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