The designer

Studio J. Kessler is led by Jacqueline Kessler, a Manhattan bred interior designer, now based in Phoenix, Arizona. She has spent her career designing multi-family high rise residential buildings, luxury condominiums, private residences, and bespoke commercial spaces. She served as the Head of Design for a large-scale, real estate technology group where she led the creative design and construction management of hundreds of co-living residences across five major cities. 


Her interior design practice blends intrinsic and nuanced beauty with deeply considered functionality. She takes considerable care to ensure her client’s trust and peace of mind from project conception through on-site installation. She is inspired daily by doing what she loves and launches each creative new project with sincerity, light-heartedness, and spunk.

the Studio

We are a full-service residential and commercial interior design studio based in Phoenix, Arizona, but accessible and available for the right projects wherever they may be.

Our process begins with a deep understanding of a client’s vision for how they want to live, their particular tastes, and the feeling they want their space to invoke. We then look to what already exists, trusting the surrounding landscape and character of the architecture to provide the cues for design. We rely on a client’s sensibility and use our knowledge and skill to uncover and elevate their aesthetic vision, inspiring them to consider choices they may never have. 

We aim to invent spaces that inspire, that are grounded in the tactile and the timeless, the raw and the natural, with just enough blank space left for a client’s own vision to expand and evolve over time as the best design is meant to be never-ending.